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Movement Experience Lab

Movement Experience Lab

Movement Experience Lab

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Have you had this experience - you’ve gone to your favorite yoga class and feel really good afterwards? Perhaps even blissful?....You're more flexible, more relaxed, more at ease, and you know that it is what you experienced in class that helped you get there. 

But . . . then what?

You feel the yoga bliss start to fade quickly, your body is tightening up, and the stress of the world is pressing in on you.  

What if your experience didn't have to end when the yoga class was over?

The focus of the Movement Experience Lab is to maintain your momentum, keep feeling the bliss as you move through your days knowing that you have access to instant refreshers and hits of inspiration from your online lab

Here's how The Movement Experience Lab works:

  • Attend one or two live zoom classes per week
  • Move mindfully under Kirsten's guidance
  • Learn the relationship between what you did and how you feel
  • Throughout the week watch your class replays in the Lab to recreate your experience
  • Celebrate your progress

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